Best budget suspension front fork for dirt bike Surron Talaria under $1000

Best budget suspension front fork for dirt bike Surron Talaria under $1000

Fastace Fork ALX13RC series is a lightweight spring shock designed and manufactured for dirt bikes and is best for Sur ron and talaria. Its inner and outer tubes, upper and lower coupling plates, and the left and right lower legs are made of high strength and lightweight aluminum alloy, while the internal design is made of springs and hydraulic damping.

Fastace Fork ALX13RC suspension front fork 

Internal Hydraulic Damping System

    The internal hydraulic damping system is inside the front right damping tube, which relies on the damping force generated by the reciprocal movement of the piston and the valve in the hydraulic oil to suppress the vehicle。

Acceleration and deceleration and road bumps and other reasons caused by the vibration and impact. Its damper internal use of wear-resistant, low freezing point, low number of high-quality shock absorber

Special oil is used to ensure stable and reliable damping.The internal design of the left tube of the front reduction adopts high-strength alloy steel springs, which can reduce weight and support the rider's body weight compared to conventional springs, meeting your daily riding needs.

    The front reduction design has internal exhaust gas pressure relief, compression damping, rebound damping adjustment function。

Internal Exhaust Pressure Relief

There are two valves in the left tube of the shock, the upper valve is the upper air release screw and the lower valve is the lower air release screw.