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Fastace was born out of a vision for the future of electric off-road motorcycles. With 30 years of experience in the traditional off-road motorcycle industry, our founders discovered the revolutionary potential of electric technology. Recognizing the opportunities for environmental friendliness and high performance, we decided to combine tradition with innovation and venture into the uncharted territory of electric off-road motorcycles.

With decades of manufacturing and production expertise, Fastace possesses a deep reservoir of knowledge in the design and production of electric off-road motorcycles. We grasp the rider's relentless quest for performance, reliability, and excellence, and thus, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional front fork suspension systems that cater to the needs of riders in search of an extraordinary experience.

What sets Fastace apart is our ability to integrate the professionalism and technical know-how of traditional off-road motorcycles with the groundbreaking advancements of electric technology. We are well aware of the unique challenges faced by electric off-road motorcycles, such as balancing the weight of the battery, electric power systems, and suspension requirements. Through continuous research and testing, we provide customized solutions for electric off-road motorcycles like Surron and Talaria Sting, ensuring riders can enjoy outstanding suspension performance on any terrain.

Our mission is to drive progress and innovation in the electric off-road motorcycle industry. Through ongoing technological investments and collaborative partnerships, we aim to lead the development of this emerging field, creating superior products and riding experiences for enthusiasts.

With unwavering confidence in the future of electric off-road motorcycles, Fastace remains committed to advancing the industry. We embody the spirit of innovation and dedication, propelling this sector forward. We believe that electric off-road motorcycles not only provide excitement and enjoyment for riders but also contribute to environmental preservation. Through Fastace's front fork suspension systems, we invite riders to unlock the full potential of electric off-road motorcycles and create their own adventurous stories.

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