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Welcome to Fastace!

We are a brand dedicated to electric off-road motorcycles, with 30 years of manufacturing and production experience. We firmly believe in the revolutionary potential of electric technology and its impact on environmental friendliness and high performance. This belief drives us to combine tradition with innovation and strive for breakthroughs in the electric off-road motorcycle industry.

The story of Fastace began with our founders' deep background in the traditional off-road motorcycle industry. However, we soon realized that electric off-road motorcycles would become the mainstream of the future. Thus, we immersed ourselves in the design and manufacturing of electric off-road motorcycles, applying our expertise and technology to this emerging field.

We understand the rider's pursuit of performance, reliability, and quality. Therefore, we continuously strive to deliver exceptional front fork suspension systems, ensuring you experience outstanding suspension performance during your rides. We collaborate with renowned electric off-road motorcycle brands like Sur-Ron and Talaria Sting, providing customized solutions to meet the specific needs of different motorcycle models.

Our team consists of passionate and professional experts who prioritize technological innovation and research and development. We explore new materials, techniques, and technologies to provide more advanced and higher performance products. Through continuous innovation and relentless effort, we aim to lead the development of the electric off-road motorcycle industry.

Fastace's mission is to become a leader in the electric off-road motorcycle field and create exceptional products and experiences for riders. Our pursuit extends beyond the joy of riding to include a commitment to environmental preservation and sustainability. We firmly believe that electric off-road motorcycles not only offer excitement and adventure but also contribute to the planet.

Join the Fastace community and experience the future of electric off-road motorcycles! Let's explore endless possibilities and embark on our electric off-road adventure together!

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Business contact: sales@mail.fastace.com (Chelsey) / support@mail.fastace.com (JOJO)

We won't change our account on any reason, just one bank account and one paypal.


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